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Thank you for helping us with the first half of this milestone - we received a $750 grant September 2021. Help us with our next phase until November 30, 2021 where we will receive another grant and compete with other Habitat affiliates to receive even more from Novelis, Inc. Money will be donated to our Building a Better Future Campaign (new ReStore building) fund.

Beside aluminum cans, we also collect any containers listed below with a 10 cent refund value if they are in glass, metal, or plastic bottles or cans in these sizes:
-- 3 liters or less: Water, carbonated, beer, and malt beverages, kombucha, and hard seltzer

-- 4 ounces and up to 1.5 liters: Other non-alcoholic beverages (includes but is not limited to tea, coffee, juice, and energy, and sports drinks), other alcoholic beverages (includes but is not limited to hard cider up to and including 8.5% alcohol by volume; excludes distilled liquor and wine), and includes marijuana and hemp beverages. 

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